Saturday, April 02, 2016

#3815 - Puff Pastry Cheese Puffs

(by Shirley McNevich)

2 sheets of puff pastry dough (thawed according to box directions)
1 egg
1 TBSP water
grated or shredded cheese (your choice of flavor)

In a bowl add the egg and water--beat with a whisk and set aside. Use any shape cookie cutter to cut out shapes from both pieces of puff pastry dough and place them on parchment paper covered cookie sheets (if you don't have parchment paper, you can spray Pam on the cookie sheets). Use a pastry brush to brush the egg mixture evenly over each dough shape. Sprinkle the cheese evenly over each dough shape. Bake at 350 degrees 9-10 minutes or until pastry is puffed and cheese is melted to golden brown. Serve warm.

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