Thursday, November 12, 2015

#3673 - Sweet Bacon Crackers

(by Shirley McNevich)

36 Keebler club crackers
12 slices lean bacon
Domino's dark brown OR light brown sugar

Preheat oven to 250/275 degrees. Line two jelly roll pans (cookie sheets with a lip on all sides) with foil. Arrange the 36 club crackers on the foil. Cut each slice of raw bacon into three equal pieces. Repeat with all bacon. Cover each club cracker with one bacon piece each. Sprinkle one piece of bacon with one level teaspoonful of brown sugar. Repeat with all bacon pieces. Bake at 250/275 degrees 45-55 minutes or until bacon is browned and sugar has turned into a glaze. Remove from oven and place them one at a time on paper towels to drain. You can serve them warm, serve them after cooling to room temperature or, for best flavor, eat them the next day.

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