Thursday, August 27, 2015

#3596 - Cooked Mixed Berry Frosting

(by Shirley McNevich)

1 cup any combination of berries (for example, you could use 1/2 cup red raspberries and 1/2 cup blackberries)
1 TBSP white sugar
1 cup softened butter
2 1/2 cups Domino's powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

In a bowl add your choice of berries--mash them with a potato masher or with the back of a large spoon. Add the white sugar--stir well. In a saucepan add the berry mixture--cook/stir over medium heat. Once mixture is hot (not quite boiling), turn heat back to simmer. Continue stirring/simmering until mixture reduces and you end up with 1/3 cup of berry mixture. Cool completely. In a mixer add cooled berry mixture and softened butter--beat. Add vanilla and 1 cup powdered sugar--beat. Continue adding remaining powdered sugar and beating until mixture is spreading consistency.

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